ARVO Foundation is looking for members to serve as meeting mentors for visiting researchers from developing countries attending the ARVO Annual Meeting. As a meeting mentor, you will have the ability to influence the visiting researcher's experience before, during and after the ARVO Annual Meeting. Meeting mentor requirements include:

  • Communicate with the visiting researcher prior to the Annual Meeting, acquainting them with the meeting and suggest how to plan their time.
  • Help the researcher navigate the meeting
  • Introduce the researcher to other ARVO members with similar interests
  • Help create connections that will go beyond the meeting

2019 Mentors

Acner Camino, PhD
Murthy Chavali, PhD
Luisa H. Colorado, PhD
Pinakin Davey OD, PhD,FAAO
Malinda Fitzgerald
Heinrich Gerding, MD, PhD
Haiyan Gong, MD, PhD, FARVO
Emily Gower, PhD
Yaping Jin, MD, PhD
Mary Kelley
Renu Kowluru
Sayoko Moroi, MD, PhD
Poonam Mudgil, PhD
Miller J. Ogidigben, PhD
J Carlos Pastor, MD, PhD
Andrew Fraser Smith, PhD
Andrew Tsin/PhD
Terri L. Young, MD, MBA

To inquire about becoming a program mentor, please contact the ARVO Foundation.