Please review the information below for helpful answers to frequently asked questions from presenters and attendees on topics such as:

Presenter FAQs

Presenting in New Orleans

Q. Will ARVO print my poster?
Poster presenters must bring a copy of their poster to hang on their poster board in the Exhibit Hall. ARVO does not print posters. A list of New Orleans area printers is provided in our Poster Presentation Guidelines.

Q. What size are the printed posters?
Your poster must be smaller than 44” tall by 66” wide to fit inside the image area. Materials, including the title, may not extend beyond the image area. (see Poster Presentation Guidelines)

Q: Can I add a Co-Author or make edits/updates to my live presentation that I was unable to make on my submission?
No, ARVO does not permit any changes to the abstract after submission, including the addition of co-authors.

Q: Can I have a guest to watch my presentation in person?
Registrants who wish to have a spouse, domestic partner, significant other or immediate family member attend Annual Meeting sessions will need to purchase a guest pass, available at the Attendee Help desk for $75 per day. ARVO members, co-authors on abstracts or individuals having a professional interest may not register as guests. Guests must be accompanied by the registered ARVO attendee for onsite registration. Eligibility of guests will be verified. Children under 18 (who are not undergraduate scientific attendees) are not required to pay, but must pick up a wristband at the registration desk and be supervised at all times. Guests will be provided with wristbands; there will be a different color for each day.

Q. I’m no longer able to attend the Meeting in New Orleans. Do I have to withdraw my abstract?
No, you have the option to request approval of a co-author listed on the abstract as a substitute presenter to give the presentation for you (use the Substitute Presenter Approval Request Form).

Attendee FAQs


Registration and badges

Q. I registered for ARVO today, but I never received a confirmation email. What should I do?
Please check your spam filters and if you do not find the confirmation there, email for assistance.

Q: Can I add sessions if I already registered for the Meeting?
Yes, you can add sessions to your previously purchased AM registration. (PDF instructions available)

Q: A colleague left our organization, can their membership and/or registration be transferred?
No, ARVO membership is non-transferrable and non-refundable. Annual Meeting registration is non-transferrable, but can be cancelled and refunded the amount paid, less an administrative fee of $75 ($40 for students). No refunds will be given for cancellations received in the ARVO office after 5pm, EDT on April 14, 2023.

Q: Can I have my degree printed on my Name Badge?
No, only a registrant’s First/Last Name, Organization/Institution, City and Country, will be printed on their Name Badge.

Q: I lost my badge/wristband. Where can I get a new one?
Please visit the Registration Desk for a replacement badge. There is a replacement fee of $50.

Q: Where do I go to get badge ribbons?
Most ribbons are available on the ribbon boards in ARVO Central and Lobby B.

Q: I would like to purchase a guest pass for my family member/significant other/spouse/domestic partner. Is this possible?
Yes, a guest pass can be purchased at the Attendee Help Desk for $75 per day. Passes for children under 18 are free but must pick up a wristband at the Registration Desk and be supervised at all times.


Transportation and hotels

Q. Will there be shuttles available between the hotels and the convention center?
Yes, shuttles will be available between the Convention Center and nine local hotels. Details on the shuttle schedule and hotel listings can be found here.

Q. What if I have an issue with my New Orleans hotel reservation?
You can call Katie Mclaughlin with Orchid Events at 801-910-0785.


Sessions and events

Q. Is there a printed Program Summary Book, or list of abstracts this year?
No. Download the ARVO 2023 mobile app for information about abstracts.

Q. Where can I find a list of the sessions and posters?
Download the ARVO 2023 mobile app to search for scientific paper and poster sessions by keyword, author name or institution. You can view this information on the Meeting Planner as well.

Q. Will continuing medical education (CME) credits be available?
CME credits are available for some sessions. You must register for CME prior to the conclusion of the ARVO Annual Meeting. You can search by “CME” on the ARVO 2023 mobile app to find sessions. More information is available on the CME Program page.

Q. How do I find a poster once I’m in the Exhibit Hall?
Poster presentations are associated with a poster board number beginning with a letter B or C. Overhead signage will direct you to the correct area.

Q. What is the no photography policy?
Photographing, audiotaping, and videotaping of any presentation and session are strictly prohibited. More information is available here.

Q. Where can I find a certificate of attendance/presentation?
Certificates of attendance are available at the certificate kiosks in the Registration area and ARVO Central starting Monday afternoon. Certificates of attendance and presentation are also available on the website to download and print at home.

After the Annual Meeting, please email requests for Certificates of Presentation to

Q. What are the social and networking events this year?
Information is available on Social and Networking Events page. Please note some events require pre-registration.

Q. Are there Workshops held at the Annual Meeting?
Workshops will be held throughout the year. Visit ARVO’s Online Education page for more information.

Q. When are the Special Interest Group (SIG) sessions being held?
SIG sessions are being held virtually after the Annual Meeting. More information is available on the SIG Meetings page.


MITs and first-time attendees

Q. Is there any special information for Members-in-Training (MIT) or first-time attendees?
Yes, please visit:



Q. Is there Wifi?
Yes, there is complimentary internet access throughout the Convention Center. Please connect to ARVO.

Q. Can I get technology help setting up or using the meeting app?
There is a technology help desk located in Lobby B near Registration.


Vaccinations and masking

Q. Do I have to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID test to attend the Annual Meeting?
No, there are no vaccination requirements for the 2023 ARVO Annual Meeting. You do not have to show a negative test to attend. However, if you are traveling from outside of the U.S., there may be restrictions based on your country of origin. More information can be found on the U.S. State Department website.

Q. Is there a mask policy?
No, per the Centers for Disease Control guidance, masking is optional at all ARVO Annual Meeting events and sessions.


Future Meetings

Q. What are the next Annual Meeting locations and dates?

  • 2024 – Seattle, Washington, May 5 - 9
  • 2025 – Austin, Texas, May 4 - 8
  • 2026 – Denver, Colorado, May 3 - 7