Special Interest Group Meetings (virtual)


Proposals for 2024 Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings will be accepted Dec. 15, 2023, to Jan. 12, 2024 (11:59pm ET).

SIGs are informal, discussion-based meetings designed to bring together groups with a common interest to discuss research challenges, issues, and opportunities. They are not scientific sessions and should not focus on presenting new research. SIGs are scheduled for 90 minutes and will be held live online in June and July 2024. They may be planned as panel sessions or speaker sessions.  

  • Panel sessions: a maximum of 5 panelists may be included. For this session type, the moderator predetermines the discussion themes and topics and then poses them to the panelists for discussion. Presentations are not included. Attendees can join the discussion at any time. 
  • Speaker sessions: a maximum of 3 speakers may be included. For this session type, speakers are asked to briefly present on one or more topics followed by an informal Q&A with the audience. No more than 35 minutes may be allocated to the presentations to maintain the focus on the Q&A and discussion.  

  • Organizers may submit only one proposal annually 
  • Organizers must be active members to submit a SIG session proposal and maintain their membership until the SIG is delivered 
  • Speakers and panelists are not required to be members 
  • Speakers and panelists may agree to participate in up to two SIG sessions within a given year 
  • SIGs are not accredited so industry employees may participate as speakers or panelists
Key dates for 2024 SIG session proposals
  • Dec. 15: SIG proposal submission opens 
  • Jan. 12: SIG proposal submission closes
  • Feb. 16: Decision notifications sent to submitters
  • March 1: Scheduling finalized