ARVO/Alcon Keynote Series


ARVO/Alcon Keynote Series

The ARVO/Alcon Keynote Series is supported by the ARVO Foundation through a generous contribution from Alcon Laboratories. The ARVO/Alcon Keynote Series takes place at the ARVO Annual Meeting, and includes the Opening Keynote and Closing Keynote.

2018 ARVO/Alcon Keynote Series

Opening Keynote speaker:
CRISPR-Cas gene editing: Biology, technology and ethics
Jennifer Doudna, PhD
University of California - Berkeley

Closing Keynote speaker:
Principles of gene repair in human embryos
Shoukhrat Mitalipov, PhD
Oregon Health & Science University

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2017 ARVO/Alcon Keynote Series

Opening Keynote speaker:
Mary-Claire King, PhD
University of Washington

Closing Keynote panel:
What’s next in the investigation of genetics of age-related macular degeneration?

Aravinda Chakravarti, PhD
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine

Nancy J. Cox, PhD
Vanderbilt University, Vanderbilt Genetics Institute

Teri Manolio, MD, PhD
National Human Genome Research Institute/National Institutes of Health

Donald J. Zack, MD, PhD
Johns Hopkins University, Center for Stem Cells and Ocular Regenerative Medicine

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2016 ARVO/Alcon Keynote Series

Opening Keynote speaker:
Components, computation, cognition: The Allen Institute for Brain Science 2020 Vision
Allan Jones, PhD, CEO
Allen Institute for Brain Science

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Closing Keynote panel:
Human genetics in vision and ophthalmology

Anneke den Hollander, PhD
Radboud University Medical Center Ophthalmology and Human Genetics

Debbie Nickerson, PhD
University of Washington

Jay Shendure, MD, PhD
University of Washington

Janey Wiggs, MD, PhD, FARVO
Harvard Medical School

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2015 ARVO/Alcon Keynote Series

Opening Keynote speaker:
Ninja innovation - Where technology is taking us
Gary Shapiro
President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association

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Closing Keynote panel:
Ebola and the eye: A story of discovery and uncertainty

Ian Crozier, MD
Physician and Ebola survivor

Tim Uyeki, MD, MPH, MPP
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Jay B. Varkey, MD
Emory University

Steven Yeh, MD
Emory University

Jessica G. Shantha, MD
Emory University

William F. Mieler, MD, FARVO
University of Illinois at Chicago

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2014 ARVO/Alcon Keynote Series

Opening Keynote speaker:
How curiosity-driven research can lead to the Nobel Prize
Barry J. Marshall, MD
University of Western Australia

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Closing Keynote panel:
Seeing the light with retinal gene therapy: Things you wished you'd known early on your way to late stage trials
Jean Bennett, MD, PhD, FARVO
University of Pennsylvania

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2013 ARVO/Alcon Keynote Series

Opening Keynote speaker:
On being a scientist for 60 years
Oliver Smithies, DPhil
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Closing Keynote speaker:
Global Burden of Disease Study 2010: Key findings and implications for vision research
Christopher Murray, MD, DPhil
University of Washington, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

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2012 ARVO/Alcon Keynote Session
From reading to writing the genetic code
Craig VenterJ. Craig Venter, PhD
J. Craig Venter Institute

2011 ARVO/Alcon Keynote Session
Genomic medicine and the future of eye research
Roderick R. McInnes, MD, PhD
McGill University

2010 ARVO/Alcon Keynote Session
The future of drug delivery and regenerative medicine in ophthalmology
Robert S. Langer, ScD
David H. Koch Institute

2009 ARVO/Alcon Keynote Session
Washington to Ouagadougou: Who deserves to see?
Hugh Taylor, MD
University of Melbourne

2008 ARVO/Alcon Keynote Session
The law of accelerating returns
Ray Kurzweil
Kurzweil Technologies, Inc.