ARVO Annual Meeting Ancillary Events Policy


The ARVO Board of Trustees has recognized that Annual Meeting attendees seek to maximize their networking opportunities and fulfill their professional responsibilities while at a location with so many of their colleagues. To accomplish these goals ARVO has made available their time and space in ARVO-controlled meeting facilities (convention center or headquarter hotels) for events which do not compete or conflict substantially with the official scientific program or ARVO Section or General business meetings.

Definition of Ancillary Events

Ancillary Events are non-ARVO-sponsored special group events, such as business meetings of other organizations or social gatherings, held in conjunction with the ARVO Annual Meeting. Ancillary Events are not planned or sponsored by ARVO.

Ancillary Events may not be commercial or educational in nature, i.e., they may not include a scientific program with presentations, posters, or lectures, nor include marketing demonstrations or commercial presentations.

  • Business Meetings: Meetings of non-commercial editorial boards, non-profit organization boards, or other non-ARVO committees/working groups, study groups, etc. .
  • Exhibitor Internal Meetings: Meetings for ARVO exhibitor's corporate personnel: ARVO exhibitor hospitality suites.
  • Investigator Meetings: Meetings for investigators of ongoing research (may be sponsored only by an ARVO exhibitor).
  • Social Events: Receptions, dinners, alumni events, reunions, and specialty groups where there is no educational/scientific program presented.
Definition of Satellite Symposia

Satellite Symposia are non-ARVO-sponsored scientific/educational programs that offer educational content through presentations, lectures, posters, etc. including CME and non-CME accredited activities. ARVO Annual Meeting attendees may attend Satellite Symposia, but Satellite Symposia are not planned or sponsored by ARVO.

Scheduling of Ancillary Events & Satellite Symposia

Events with more than 15 attendees may not be scheduled in conflict with the official scientific program of ARVO
The only exception is that Business Meetings, as defined above, may be scheduled during ARVO Educational Courses, currently scheduled on the Saturday preceding the ARVO Annual Meeting.

Event Requests
  • Event requests must be made on official forms and approved by ARVO, regardless of the location of the event. For meetings with more than 15 attendees, fees will be charged for requests made after a certain date. See current year ARVO Annual Meeting web site for details.
  • Event organizers must be associated with ARVO and/or the eye and vision research community. Events should be planned and scheduled in support of the ARVO Annual Meeting.
  • Commercial organizers of Events must be supporters of the ARVO Annual Meeting at the value of not less than the cost of an inside 10x10 booth. Commercial event organizers who are not exhibitors will incur additional service charges for multiple events.
  • Fees for participation by Annual Meeting attendees outside of the recovery of food and beverage costs, such as registration fees, must be approved by ARVO. All costs for the activity, including decorator, audiovisual setup, and room changes, must be borne by the organizers. All event expenses must be paid promptly and non-payment may result in action by ARVO.
  • The use of the ARVO logo, trademark, or name in conjunction with publicity must be pre-approved. ARVO may not be represented as cosponsoring an event unless a formal request has been submitted to and approved by ARVO.
  • Conducting demonstrations and/or displays of commercial products will not be permitted during Events.
  • Only Events open to all Annual Meeting registrants will be listed in the Annual Meeting-related publications.
  • Signs, directional or informational, must be approved by, and coordinated with, ARVO Meeting management when placed in ARVO-controlled meeting facilities. Each sign must state that "This event is not organized or sponsored by ARVO." Organizers must remove any meeting-related materials from their assigned rooms at the conclusion of the event.
  • In ARVO-controlled meeting facilities, ARVO will provide meeting space at no cost when possible, but cannot guarantee that a room rental or service charge will not be required. Meeting space is limited and requests for space in ARVO-controlled meeting facilities will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All participants in Events must register for the Annual Meeting unless requests for passes for non-scientific participants are received in writing at the time the Ancillary Event is approved.
  • No named lectureships will be permitted.
  • Events may not include the word "Keynote" in the title.
  • ARVO will not endorse or financially support scientific meetings other than those organized or cosponsored by ARVO. (Approved by Board of Trustees, October 30, 2004.)
Breach of Policy

Organizers must adhere to the responsibilities outlined in the policy and on the official forms to avoid cancellation of the activity. Failure to adhere to the policy may result in any or all of the following actions by ARVO:

  • Cancellation of Ancillary Event.
  • Refusal to allow company or group the opportunity to exhibit or hold symposia, meetings, or other events in ARVO-controlled meeting facilities in current year or a specified number of future years.

Approved: ARVO Board of Trustees, June 23, 2009
Revised and Approved: ARVO Board of Trustees, May, 2015

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