In Memoriam

ARVO acknowledges the passing of the following recently deceased members. 

To submit an obituary for publication on this page, please use our notification form. Photos may be included if available.  

Edward L Howes Jr., MD, Ed. June 4, 2023 AP Section
Stephen P. Bartels, PhD May 4, 2023 EY Section
Jim Schwiegerling, PhD April 5, 2023 CO Section
Alice R. McPherson, MD Jan. 16, 2023 RE Section
Michael A. Steinmetz, PhD July 30, 2022  
David R. Hinton, MD, FARVO June 7, 2022  RC Section
Robert B. Aramant, PhD, FARVO May 31, 2022  RC Section
Mortimer Civan, MD, FARVO April 17, 2022  PH Section
Jules Baum, MD, FARVO Dec. 27, 2021  CO Section
Gerard A. Lutty, PhD, FARVO Dec. 2021  RC Section
Janice A. Vranka, PhD Aug. 26, 2021  BI Section
Anthony J. Adams, OD, PhD, FAAO July 16, 2021 VI Section
Piyush C. Kothary, PhD June 28, 2021 BI Section
Gottfried O.H. Naumann June 5, 2021 AP Section
Robert (Bob) F. Miller March 1, 2021 VN Section
Manuel (Manny) Datiles III, MD Feb. 12, 2021 LE Section
David B. Soll, MD Jan. 12, 2021 LE Section
Robert B. Welch, MD Jan. 5, 2021 RE Section
Joan Stein-Streilein, PhD Jan. 4, 2021 IM Section
Peter Yoshio Evans, MD Dec. 18, 2020 RE Section
Robert S. Jampel, MD, PhD Nov. 26, 2020 EY Section
James Ganley, MD, PhD March 16, 2020 CL Section
Robert A. Prendergast, MD May 4, 2020 IM Section
Ronald J. Hagadus, MD Feb. 1, 2020 GL Section
James D. Zieske, PhD, FARVO Jan. 7, 2020 CO Section
Eleanor Eaton Faye, MD, FACS Jan. 7, 2020  
Elizabeth WoldeMussie, PhD, FARVO Jan. 6, 2020 PH Section

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