ARVO Professional Code of Conduct


The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) is an international organization comprised of clinicians and researchers whose goal is to advance worldwide research into understanding the visual system and preventing, treating and curing its disorders.


The ARVO Professional Code of Conduct (PCC) applies to all members of ARVO in all of its membership categories.

ARVO provides a forum for communication, collaboration and the exchange of research and ideas between its members around the globe. To be part of our community of researchers and clinician scientists requires individuals to acknowledge and support our values and guiding principles, and to exhibit behaviors in accordance with those values and guiding principles at all times in connection with ARVO and its events and programs.

Values and Guiding Principles

The values and guiding principles are set forth by the ARVO Board of Trustees, to be agreed upon at the time of applying for and renewing ARVO membership. Guiding principles are meant to articulate ARVO's expectations for the professional and personal behavior of its members during all ARVO-associated activities, programs and events, including all forms of communication and scientific interaction that are mediated through its meetings, online activities and its scientific journals. ARVO's PCC exists to articulate values and expectations regarding the professional conduct of ARVO members at all times.

The ARVO PCC is intended to be aspirational in nature; however, in particular circumstances, ARVO, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to take remedial action based on a member's violation of the PCC.


Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity — Accept and respect differences across and within cultures. 

Respect — Give due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights and inherent dignity of all people at all times, ensuring a healthy and secure environment for networking, teaching, learning and growth.

Accountability — Hold yourself personally and professionally responsible for your actions.

Integrity — Act in an honest, fair, forthright and responsible manner. 

Innovation — Seek to initiate and advance new knowledge and new discoveries without prejudice.

Advocacy — Promote, champion and advance the pursuit of eye and vision research.