ARVO is proud to introduce Pathways, a new initiative designed to inspire and guide the next generation of eye and vision researchers from around the globe, and specifically those in underrepresented groups, by enouraging interactions between ARVO members (and students in an approachable setting.

Capitalizing on the enthusiasm, experience and insight of engaged ARVO members dubbed “Guides”, Pathways provides the guidance, tools and evaluation mechanisms necessary to allow Guides to present on their profession and cultivate interest in the sciences within a live setting.

Upon approval of their participation, Guides will receive—
• Outreach email template
• Slide deck template
• 1-pager template
• Survey template
• Evaluation template

Additionally, Guides benefit from access to ARVO staff specializing in strategic communication, science communication, advocacy and outreach who are available to review and advise on presentation materials and content. Guides are also encouraged to utilize the resources available on the Setting Your Sights webpage, available to all ARVO members.

Program goals
  1. Showcase career paths in eye and vision research and/or ophthalmology to students aged 12-18, thus increasing interest in the field.
  2. Improve representation in the eye and vision research field to include more women and underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities.
  3. Engage ARVO members in the critical work of improving diversity and equity in the eye and vision research enterprise.

Using the packages and staff guidance afforded to them, Guides are expected to complete live outreach events that speak to the goals of the program. Examples include, but are not limited to—

  • Speaking with a class
  • Hosting a table at a career fair
  • Hosting a webinar with a defined audience
  • Presenting at a community event

For every 2 events completed, Guides will receive 1 FARVO point, with a maximum of 4 points to be acquired via the initiative.