ARVO Achievement Awards Nominations


Applications will be accepted Nov. 1, 2023 - March 1, 2024

The Board of Trustees and the ARVO Awards Committee encourage all members of the vision research community to nominate deserving colleagues for any of the following prestigious ARVO Achievement Awards:

  • Proctor Medal   
  • Friedenwald Award   
  • Weisenfeld Award   
  • Cogan Award   
  • Kupfer Award   
  • Joanne G. Angle Award   
  • Special Recognition Award
  • Distinguished Service Award


Guidelines for Achievement Awards:
  1. Neither nominees nor nominators are required to be ARVO members.

  2. Officers, members of the Board of Trustees and Awards Committee members are not eligible to be nominated for an award during their terms or to make or second award nominations.

  3. Nominators and supporters may only support one nomination for each award. Please note that the Friedenwald Award and the Proctor Medal are two separate awards, but for the nomination process they are one application. Therefore, nominators and supporters can only support one person for either the Friedenwald award or the Proctor Medal. 

  4. Nominators can nominate an individual from their own institution. Only one additional support letter may be from the same institution as the nominee (two supporters must come from a different institution).

  5. Previous ARVO Award recipients may not be nominated for another ARVO award, with the exception of the Cogan Award.

Nomination process    
  1. Submission of nomination includes:

    1. Letter of nomination - One letter of nomination describing in detail the contributions of the nominee and her/his impact on vision science and/or eye care (no more than two pages).

    2. Supporters names - Nominator is responsible for contacting three individuals who are closely familiar with the nominee's work and who support the award nomination and obtain a brief letter (no more than one page) for uploading into the awards site.

    3. A brief summary statement (approximate 75 words)

    4. Link to nominee's Google Scholar profile*

    5. The nominee's current curriculum vitae, including full bibliography, and no more than one page listing presented lectures. Abstracts should not be included.

      *Nominee should create/update his or her Google scholar account prior to nomination.

All nominations are for one year. Occasionally, the Awards Committee may hold a nomination over for consideration the following year. Two years of award consideration must pass before an individual may be re-nominated for any award.