Behind the success: Best practices for building a Team Science research project


On-demand conference

Behind the success: Best practices for building a Team Science research project

Access this virtual conference on demand to learn how your colleagues have designed and executed large collaborative basic and clinical research projects.

Team Science is a broad term that can incorporate many types of large collaborative research projects. Research projects may consist of researchers doing similar experiments or collecting similar data across institutions or countries (like in cases of large-scale clinical trials) or the work may be broken up based on complementary specializations and assigned to different institutions based on their core expertise. Conference speakers have led and participated in large consortia in Team Science projects in basic and clinical sciences and epidemiology and will speak on their experiences based on their successes and lessons learned.

Presenters will discuss:

  • Planning large research collaborations and large teams
  • Data concerns including consistency in collection, securing data, HIPAA, sharing data, who owns the data
  • Sharing information and data (internally and externally to the project)
  • Authorship - who is an author, who gets credit for what part of the research
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Leading diverse teams with cultural differences

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Welcome and Featured Presentation

ARVO's Strategic Vision: Team Science and Big Data
Maureen G. Maguire, PhD, FARVO, ARVO President-elect, Center for Preventive Ophthalmology and Biostatistics (CPOB), Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Introduction of Team Science Virtual Conference
Subhabrata Chakrabarti, PhD, LV Prasad Eye Institute

Featured presentation: The Science of Team Science
Stephen M. Fiore, PhD, Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, University of Central Florida

Team building essentials

Team Science: What, Why, How?
Steven J. Fliesler, PhD, FARVO, Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

The UK Biobank Eye & Vision Consortium
Christopher J. Hammond, MD, Kings College London

Member Insights
Subhabrata Chakrabarti, PhD, LV Prasad Eye Institute

Epidemiology session

The Beaver Dam Eye Study
Barbara E. Klein, MD, MPH, FARVO, McPherson Eye Research Institute

PCORnet®, The National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network
Catherine A. McCarty, PhD, MPH, MSB, HEC-C, University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics

Large collaborations in basic science

Janey L. Wiggs, MD, PhD, FARVO, Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School

Global AMD consortium
Anand Swaroop, PhD, FARVO, National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health

Multiethnic Genome-Wide Association Study of Diabetic Retinopathy
Lucia Sobrin, MD, MPH, Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School

Large collaborations in clinical science

Multicentre clinical research and trials in glaucoma
Claude F. Burgoyne, MD, FARVO Legacy Devers Eye Institute

Multicentre clinical research and trials in AMD
Robyn Guymer AM, MBBS, PhD, FRANZCO, FAHMS, Centre for Eye Research Australia

Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network
Adam R. Glassman, MS, Jaeb Center for Health Research

Large collaborations beyond

From Mechanisms to Therapy in Retinal Degenerations: Success Through Team Science
Hemant Khanna, PhD, UMASS Memorial Eye Center

Multicentre clinical research and trials in Cornea (stem cells)
Sayan Basu, MBBS MS, LV Prasad Eye Institute

International Cancer Genome Consortium
Partha P Majumder, PhD, Indian Statistical Institute