NEI celebrates Low Vision Awareness Month

By Kristina E. Beaugh, MPH, CHES

This February, the National Eye Institute (NEI) is celebrating Low Vision Awareness Month by highlighting some of the great resources available for people with low vision along with their eye care providers and family and friends.

For many eye conditions, treatments like glasses, medicine, and surgery can improve vision. However, when these treatments no longer offer relief, eye care providers should explore vision rehabilitation services with their patients. Often, patients don’t know about all the technologies and services available to help them make the most of their remaining eyesight. Vision rehabilitation provides hope and helps people adjust to vision loss while still maintaining their independence and current lifestyle. These programs typically include a team of professionals consisting of a primary eye care professional and an optometrist or ophthalmologist specializing in low vision.

NEI’s National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) offers a variety of educational low vision resources to share with people with vision loss, their eye care providers, and their loved ones. These resources are designed to help them learn more about low vision and how vision rehabilitation can help.

Want another way to get involved in spreading awareness about low vision this month? NEI, along with several other NEHEP Partner organizations, will host the #LowVisionLeaders social media campaign February 17-21 on Twitter. This campaign will highlight the accomplishments of people living with low vision through a series of inspiring stories and quotes. You can help spread awareness about this campaign and the benefits of vision rehabilitation by following @NatEyeInstitute on Twitter and by encouraging your own followers to share their low vision stories using the hashtag, #LowVisionLeaders.

For the latest news about NEI-funded low vision research and vision rehabilitation technologies, visit the NEI Low Vision news page.