Embracing diversity and inclusion: Pride in eye and vision science


Rainbow world eyeJune is Pride Month — a time when many countries celebrate and honor the LGBTQ+ community. It originated in 1970 to commemorate the Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan, New York, which was a significant event in the Gay Liberation Movement. 


ARVO commends the invaluable contributions of LGBTQ+ eye and vision scientists from all over the world. Additionally, ARVO acknowledges the importance of inclusivity in vision research and the broader field. As noted by the Graduate Women in Science (GWIS) Los Angeles Chapter, “Science is a universal language that transcends borders, cultures, and identities. It thrives on diversity, inclusivity, and equality.”


While progress has been made, there is still a need for further advancement to ensure that individuals can live openly and proudly. Below we share some tips and resources on how to create an inclusive and supportive environment in your organization:


  • Equidade BR 
    • An assessment designed to increase LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the workplace in Brazil.


Here are some safe space communities available for LGBTQ+ researchers: