A service from ARVO and EBAA to connect scientists with eye banks

EyeFind logoThere are many eye banks that can connect researchers with their desired donor demographics (age, normal and diseased, recovery timelines, etc). It’s important to discuss your expectations directly with your eye bank partner to determine if they are able to meet the needs of your study. Be sure to be as specific as possible with your desired tissue demographics to ensure that both you and your eye bank partner are on the same page about tissue expectations.


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Made available by:      ARVO         Eye Bank Association of America

ARVO and EBAA reserve the right to remove an eye bank from EyeFind if qualifying criteria are not being met, as reported by its users, and validated by EBAA.

Accessibility to and Quality of Human Eye Tissue for Research: A Cross-Sectional Survey of ARVO Members – EBAA Commentary
A new online portal will match Eye Banks with researchers seeking human ocular tissues