ARVOConnect provides opportunities to collaborate and connect with other members and your colleagues through discussion groups and shared files. Current communities include ARVO Members, Scientific Sections, Committees and Chapters. If you see the need for another community, please fill out the form below.

Criteria for member-requested communities

Open communities

  • Topic-based (an area of scientific interest not covered by the sections or cross-sectional groups; or within them specific diseases/conditions, treatment areas, etc)
  • Activity-based (an area common to many researchers and across scientific focuses, such funding, regulatory issues, grant writing, science communications, lab management, clinical trials, career-oriented, etc)
  • To be approved, the requester must show evidence of significant interest in the topic/activity community proposed through a track record of successful discussion on the Open Forum or in Section/Cross-Sectional Group communities.  

Significant interest  

  • A topic must generate new posts at least 2x/week over a period of 4 or more weeks and  
  • Generate discussion threads of at least 3 responses each and
  • Such discussions must involve a minimum of 10 members.  
Private communities (participation by invitation only)
  • Function- or project-based (formed for the purpose of collaboration by a specific group of people on a specific activity or project) not topic-based (topic-based communities should be open)
  • Minimum of 5 members
  • Purpose and subsequent activity should be relevant to eye and vision research
  • Must maintain minimum activity level (described above)