Advocacy and Outreach Committee

Advocacy and Outreach Committee


Under the direction of the Board of Trustees, the Advocacy and Outreach Committee (AOC) develops and implements activities that influence research policy and funding decisions globally; increases members’ interest and ability to educate the public and policymakers about the importance of vision research; increases public awareness of ARVO and vision research; and establishes ARVO as a trusted source of information. In addition, the AOC assists ARVO in responding to scientific content of policy discussions relating to research guidelines worldwide.


  • The Committee (either as a whole or by sub-committee) sponsors workshops at the Annual Meeting. 
  • The Committee as a whole reports to the Board of Trustees at its regular meetings. 
  • Works with ARVO staff to keep members informed about issues related to science funding and policy worldwide that affect them.
  • Works with ARVO staff to develop testimony and responses to issues in science and vision-research related policy areas and science funding, where advice of experts is requested from legislative or regulatory offices in the U.S. and other countries.
  • With staff, develops initiatives and activities to support members’ capacity to educate and inform external audiences and advocate on behalf of vision research. 
    Assists and advises staff on U.S. and international media/press activities related to science/vision research-related stories and issues.


The Advocacy and Outreach Committee (AOC) consists of a mix of MDs and PhDs. The AOC should also have strong international representation. The AOC should include at least two Members-in-Training. 


The Committee as a whole meets during the ARVO Annual Meeting and conducts business via ARVOConnect and e-mail and if needed by conference call during the year. Sub-committees meet at least once during the year via conference call or more as projects dictate.