Committee descriptions, activities and rosters 

Advocacy and Outreach Committee - Chair: Peter Koulen, PhD, FARVO
Animals in Research Committee - Chair: Goldis Malek, PhD
Annual Meeting Program Committee - Chair: Justine Smith, MBBS, PhD, FARVO
Awards Committee - Chair: Laura Frishman, PhD, FARVO
Commercial Relationships Committee - Chair: Gregory Jackson, PhD
Continuing Medical Education Committee - Chair: William Foster, MD, PhD
Diversity Initiatives Committee - Chair: Mildred M. G. Olivier, MD
Ethics and Regulations in Human Research Committee - Chair: Ygal Rotenstrich, MD
Finance Committee - Chair: W. Daniel Stamer, PhD, FARVO 
Global Members Committee - Chair: Daniel Rathbun, PhD
International Chapter Affiliate Committee - Chair: Augusto Paranhos, Jr., MD
Members-in-Training Committee - Chair: Esther Bowie, MD
Professional Development and Education Committee - Chair: Shlomit Schaal, MD, PhD
Publications Committee - Chair: Jason Porter, MS, PhD, FARVO

Committee volunteer opportunities

Most ARVO committees are composed of volunteer members appointed annually by the president-elect in February/March to reflect the depth and breadth of ARVO's membership. Committee service typically requires a three-year commitment of engaged participation. Committee volunteers are responsible for accurately sensing the environment, processing information and providing valuable guidance to the Board of Trustees.

In addition to knowledge, skills and experience, consideration is given to appointing ARVO members who have not previously served on a committee and to broadening geographical and ethnic diversity and gender and Scientific Section parity. Be mindful that ARVO receives hundreds of applications every year for about 35 committee openings. Providing full details in your application as well as having a complete ARVOConnect profile is helpful.

Committee applications are accepted year-round. Applications received by Jan. 11, 2019, will receive consideration for the term beginning May 2019. Those received after that will be considered for the 2020 term. 

Committee volunteer application form

Note: The Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) positions are filled through nominations and election. For information about serving on the AMPC review ARVO election FAQs or contact Stephen Willie at, +  

The committee fact sheet provides information about serving on an ARVO committee. If you have any questions, please contact Stacy De La O, manager of committee operations, (+