Annual Meeting Program Committee

Annual Meeting Program Committee


The Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC), under the direction of the Executive Vice President, is responsible for the content of the scientific portion of the ARVO Annual Meeting.


The members of each Scientific Section and Cross-sectional Group elect an AMPC member from the lists of current ARVO voting members (Regular, Sustaining, or Life members) each year. The Executive Vice President serves as the Committee Chair. Ordinarily, members of the AMPC serve staggered terms of three or four years, with the most senior member serving as the Section Chair. 


In compliance with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) guidelines, AMPC members may not be owners or employees of ACCME defined commercial interests


The AMPC conducts online abstract reviews between mid-December and mid-January each year and then meets at the end of January to plan the current year's Scientific Program. The AMPC also meets at the Annual Meeting to initiate plans for the subsequent year's program and conducts business via ARVOConnect and e-mail and if needed by conference call during the year.

Past members