Professional Development and Education Committee

Professional Development and Education Committee


The Professional Development and Education Committee (PDEC) provides oversight and evaluation of ARVO's educational and training activities, including ARVO-sponsored/cosponsored and conferences, courses, symposia, workshops, tutorials, etc. and online education such as webinars, podcasts, courses, etc.


  • Provides oversight for ARVO's portfolio of education and training programs.
  • Conducts education needs assessments to identify gaps and to provide timely and valuable education programming.
  • Establishes and implements criteria for appropriate and acceptable education and training program content.
  • Reviews proposals from other societies seeking ARVO co-sponsorship or joint sponsorship to determine if the program content meets ARVO's criteria.
  • Reviews education and training program activity evaluations to measure overall success and determine if programs met learning objectives.
  • Reports to the Board of Trustees at its regularly scheduled meetings.


In compliance with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) guidelines, PDEC committee members may not be owners or employees of ACCME defined commercial interests.


The Committee meets face-to-face during the ARVO Annual Meeting. In addition, the Committee meets by conference call in the summer, fall and winter. Working groups may be formed to address specific topics between conference calls and meetings. Further business may be conducted via e-mail or other online communication. Also as needed, PDEC may periodically consult ARVO members not serving on the committee from academia and industry, including members in training and members serving on other ARVO committees, to provide guidance and insight into PDEC-related activities, or to assist PDEC in reviewing educational program proposals.