Applications are accepted via online application. The online form must be completed by the non-U.S. researcher. The online application requires the following information, forms and documents:

  • Description of proposed research

    • Limited to three pages (typed, single spaced, 10 point or larger font size) describing how your current and past research supports the work of the mentee in conducting the proposed research, including:

      • Highlights of past and current glaucoma research, including five most significant papers
      • Hypothesis, goals and potential impact to the field of glaucoma research
  • Summary of applicant's current and previous mentorship provided to junior clinician-scientists

  • Applicant statement to endorse the mentee

  • Description of the training and mentoring program that will be provided to the junior clinician-scientist

  • Commitment to conditions of award

    • Application must include a letter stating that the award will go to the institution of the applicant, that the institution will accept the funds for use as described in the award criteria, and that the institution agrees not to apply or withhold administrative fees or indirect costs. The letter must be on university letterhead signed by an authorized representative of the institution.

Complete the following forms before you start then upload these forms as you complete your application.

  • NIH biosketch form (Applicant)
  • NIH biosketch form (Mentee)

Review and selection process

Applications will be reviewed by internationally recognized experts on the Epstein Ad Hoc Committee. The final selection will be approved by the ARVO Foundation Board of Governors and the ARVO Board of Trustees. The deliberations of the Epstein Ad Hoc Committee, the ARVO Foundation Board of Governors and the ARVO Board of Trustees are confidential, and their decision is final.