Trustee election results


Below are results of the voting from the 2023 Trustees elections:

ARVO Board of Trustee elections 

SriniVas Sadda, MD – President-elect

Leopold Schmetterer, PhD, FARVO – Vice President-elect


2023 Trustees

Anatomy and Pathology/Oncology (AP) Section
Matthew Wilson, MD, FACS

Glaucoma (GL) Section
C. Ross Ethier, PhD, FARVO


2024 Trustee candidates

Immunology/Microbiology (IM) Section
Junko Hori, MD, PhD
Victor Perez, MD

Retinal Cell Biology (RC) Section
Goldis Malek, PhD, FARVO
Mary Elizabeth (M.E.) Hartnett, MD, FACS, FARVO, FASRS

Visual Psychophysics/Physiological Optics (VI) Section
Susana Chung, PhD, FAAO, FARVO