ARVO Foundation Announces 2019 Mallinckrodt Uveitis Research Fellowship Recipient
Award supports an early career investigator on their research of uveitis and inflammatory conditions of the eye

ARVO Announces Recipient of 2020 Bert M. Glaser, MD Award
Award recognizes an early-career investigator who has made a novel discovery that impacted the understanding and/or treatment of a retinal disease or condition

ARVO Announces Winners of Pfizer Ophthalmics Carl Camras Translational Research Award
Award recognizes early-career investigators who have made strides in translational research that will lead to future clinical applications

ARVO Foundation Announces New Genentech Career Development Award for Underrepresented Minorities
The ARVO Foundation announced the launch of a new career development program aimed towards underrepresented minority (URM) scientists

ARVO and EBAA Announce EyeFind Research Grants
ARVO and the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA) announced a new grant program that will provide financial support to researchers seeking to use human eye tissue in their work 

ARVO Celebrates Champalimaud Foundation’s 2019 Vision Award Winners
Award recognizes three organizations who have overcome barriers of poverty and geography to address the eye care needs of disadvantaged populations in Brazil 

Outdoor Exercise Reduces Progression of Common Vision Issue in Children
New research suggests that adding 30 minutes of continued daily outdoor activity reduces the progression of nearsightedness, called myopia, in children

New research uncovers possible causes of nearsightedness 
Research shows that using hand-held devices and living in man-made environments may lead to Myopia 

New studies show clinical benefits for ophthalmology patients
3D printing and new approach to finding glasses lenses offer faster and more cost-effective approaches to care

New connection made between cigarette smoking and PVR
The presence and severity of PVR has been linked to the frequency of cigarette smoking

New understanding through research of children's eye disorders
Possible signs found that may help doctors identify strabismus and the spread of eye cancer

Using retinal blood vessels to identify or improve AMD
Age-related macular degeneration linked to abnormalities in retina blood vessels

Medical data surveyed from social media proved viable
Social media platforms may be a viable tool in medical data collection for research

Morphological and structural ocular changes are associated with Alzheimer’s disease
Changes in both the cornea and the retina may serve as diagnostic biomarkers

Innovative approaches to ocular biology and technology allow for more efficient diagnosis and monitoring
News conference features four studies presented at ARVO 2019

ARVO and EBAA Launch EyeFind
New online tool helps researchers locate eye tissue

ARVO Foundation Announces New Mallinckrodt Uveitis Research Fellowship
New award supports research on uveitis and inflammatory conditions

ARVO Announces New International Regional Meeting Series
First ARVO International meeting scheduled for Pacific Rim in 2020

ARVO Announces Recipient of Ludwig von 
 Clinician-Scientist Award

Award winner Pearse Keane, PhD is currently investigating the role AI can play in ocular healthcare 

ARVO Announces Winner of Pfizer Ophthalmics Carl Camras Translational Research Award
Dr. Yali Jia has been recognized for her innovations in OCTA

ARVO Announces Recipients of Genentech AMD Research Fellowships
A basic and a clinical researcher focusing on AMD are awarded the fellowship each year

ARVO Announces Oberdorfer Award for Low Vision Research Winner
Award winner Cynthia Owsley, PhD researches the ocular impact of aging

Roche Supports Collaborative Research Fellowships
Awards presented to three outstanding researchers from developing countries

ARVO Announces Recipient of 2019 Bert M. Glaser, MD Award
Mandeep Singh, MD, PhD, has been recognized for his work on regenerating the retina using stem cells.