ARVO celebrates breakthrough vision therapy
for improving eyesight in common blinding eye diseases 


Rockville, Md. — The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) announces its initiative to commemorate the groundbreaking influence of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) therapy on global eye care. Through a short video series and an array of educational resources, ARVO celebrates the strides achieved in the discovery and development of this treatment. 

Anti-VEGF therapy treats vision loss due to certain conditions such as wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy (DR), and diabetic macular edema (DME). AMD is common among adults ages 50 and older and is the most common cause of blindness in this demographic. DR poses a threat to individuals dealing with type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. As the elderly population and diabetes incidence continues to rise, so will these eye conditions. Anti-VEGF drugs offer the potential for visual improvement.

ARVO shows the journey of anti-VEGF treatments and how they have resulted in fundamental improvements in millions of lives. The video series features interviews with clinicians and scientists who were involved in the development of the treatment, a patient personal story on the advantages the therapy has had on her life, and how this treatment is a good return on taxpayer-funded investment in research. Additionally, it highlights the government’s support through federal funding and the collaborative efforts between biotechnology companies and clinician-scientists.

Along with the video series, a variety of informative resources are available. These include overviews of the eye conditions treated by anti-VEGF drugs, research articles on the efficacy of the therapy, updates on recent advancements and more.

“Anti-VEGF’s journey from the lab to patients underscores the profound impact of collaboration between researchers and the government,” said ARVO President and one of the anti-VEGF pioneers Patricia A. D’Amore, PhD, MBA, FARVO. “Federal funding’s pivotal role in this transformative process cannot be understated. The therapy’s origins go back to discovery research, research that is financially supported and sustained by government funding. This breakthrough embodies the fusion of scientific exploration and public investment.” 

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