AI in vision science and ophthalmology: Hot topics, data standardization, guidelines, ethics and governance 


Webinar| March 13 | Available on-demand

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Audience: Vision scientists, researchers, and clinicians interested in current advancements in AI in vision science and ophthalmology.

Summary: Ophthalmology as a medical specialty is in the forefront of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI), in particular, machine learning-based systems, in optimizing medical diagnostics, predictive analysis and management of clinical conditions. In this webinar activity, leading experts in the field will approach AI's main opportunities and challenges. We will discuss key issues around ethical consideration, regulation and clinical governance.

This webinar is hosted by ARVO's Ethics and Regulations in Human Research Committee. A certificate of attendance will be available to attendees upon request (email

Organizers: Rossen M. Hazarbassanov, MD, PhD; Ingrid U. Scott, MD, MPH; Alon Harris, MS, PhD, FARVO; Tien Y. Wong, MD, PhD; FARVO, Barbara Wirostko, MD, FARVO; Siamak Yousefi, PhD


Starting a large database: How do you start and what did you wish you knew?
Joshua SteinJoshua Stein, MD, MS (University of Michigan)


Adopting artificial intelligence into an ophthalmologist’s practice and challenges protecting patient privacy
Pearse KeanePearse A Keane, MD, FRCOphth (Moorfields Eye Hospital)


Biases in AI algorithms used in ophthalmology
Amitha Domalpally
Amitha Domalpally, MD (Wisconsin Reading Center)


Artificial intelligence and digital health in global eye health: Policy regulations and reporting standards
Yih Chung Tham
Yih Chung Tham, OD, PhD (National University of Singapore)