Writing a successful K99 grant 

Webinar| Aug. 14| Noon - 1pm ET

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Audience: Vision scientists and researchers interested in learning more about K99 grants.

Summary: K99/R00 Pathway to Independence is a training grant award funded by the NEI/NIH. It provides an excellent route for the early career postdocs to transition into independent faculty positions. This webinar features speakers who are current K99/R00 recipients and also grant administrators from the NIH who will share their insights and provide guidance about how to write a successful K99 grant application.

The webinar is hosted by ARVO's Members-in-Training (MIT), Advocacy and Outreach (AOC) and Diversity Initiatives (DIC) Committees. A certificate of attendance will be available to attendees upon request (email

Organizers and moderators: Ximena Corso-Diaz, PhD; Sayantan Datta, PhD

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Overview of K99

Neeraj Agarwal

Neeraj Agarwal, PhD (NEI)



Things to keep in mind while writing a K99
Sayantan Datta
Sayantan Datta, PhD (Emory University)



K99 as a woman applicant
Arathy Kartha
Arathy Kartha, PhD (Johns Hopkins University)



Transitioning to an independent position
Ximena Corso Diaz
Ximena Corso-Diaz, PhD (NEI)



*Presenters and presentations are subject to change