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Opening Keynote

Leadership, Reinvented
Wednesday, Jan. 31
9 - 10:30am EST

Hamza KhanHamza Khan
Future of work and people-first leadership expert;
bestselling author

Khan is a top-ranked university educator and respected thought leader on a mission to help organizations achieve inclusive and sustainable growth. He shows leaders how to embrace a bold "people first" approach to better support diverse, engaged and connected teams in a hybrid environment.

Trusted by the world’s preeminent organizations to inspire modern leadership, unleash purposeful productivity, transcend burnout culture, and embrace constant change, Khan's clients include the likes of Microsoft, PepsiCo, LinkedIn, Deloitte, Salesforce, TikTok, and hundreds of colleges and universities. His insights have been featured by notable media outlets such as Inc., Business Insider, and Bloomberg, and his TEDx talk, 'Stop Managing, Start Leading,' has been viewed nearly two million times.

Khan is also the bestselling author of The Burnout Gamble: Achieve More by Beating Burnout and Building Resilience and Leadership, Reinvented. Through his writing, speaking, teaching, and executive coaching, he empowers people to evolve and thrive in the more human future of work.

Closing Keynote

Thursday, Feb. 1
11:20am - 12:20pm EST
Scientific leadership: Now and in the future

Francine Behar-Cohen, MD, PhD

Francine Behar-Cohen, MD, PhD, FARVO
Professor of ophthalmology
Université Paris Cité
Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

A professor of ophthalmology at Université de Paris, Behar-Cohen is a medical and surgical retina specialist as well at Cochin Hospital AP-HP (Paris, France). In addition, she is director of the ‘Physiopathology of ocular diseases: Therapeutic innovations’ team — a group dedicated to the study of mechanisms of eye diseases and development of therapeutic innovations — at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research at the Cordeliers Campus. 

Behar-Cohen is the founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Eyevensys. She also founded the start-up companies Eyegate Pharma and EarlySight, and has served as medical and scientific director of the Jules-Gonin Ophthalmic Hospital (Lausanne, Switzerland), where she built a research translational program.

Behar-Cohen's research program in ophthalmology integrates translational research, emphasizing the understanding of drug mechanisms, drug repurposing for ophthalmic applications, and the development of innovative drug delivery systems. The success of this initiative is not only evident in her substantial publication record (H-index of 62 with over 15,000 citations, reaching 1,800 citations in 2021) but also in commercialization, marked by the establishment of three start-ups. Notably, two of these start-ups, specializing in ocular drug delivery, have emerged as spin-offs from her research laboratory, leveraging institutional patents derived from her research activities. Her contributions have earned her several awards, including the Innovation Prize from Inserm in 2021 and the Maria-Paule Burrus Prize from the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale, France, in 2020.

Behar-Cohen's research methodology involves fostering interdisciplinary collaborations with experts in nephrology, endocrinology, pharmacology, polymer science, and micro technique engineering. She firmly believes that groundbreaking discoveries often materialize at the intersection of different fields, underscoring the significance of collaborative synergy with experts from diverse domains.

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