Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) elections

Nominations for the 2024 AMPC elections closed  Feb. 16


The 2024 AMPC elections period will be open March 11 - May 5

A key benefit of ARVO membership is the ability to have your say in the association’s leadership by casting your vote in annual elections. If you are a voting member (Regular and Life) please participate in nominations and elections; every vote counts!

About the Committee

Under the direction of the ARVO Executive Vice President, the Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) selects the content for the scientific portion of the ARVO Annual Meeting.

Meeting at the start of each year, the committee plans the current year's scientific program. At the ARVO Annual Meeting, they begin the process for the subsequent year's program. Members serve a three or four-year term and chair their AMPC section or group in the final year of service.

Please note that both Section and Group members have requirements to attend the AMPC Winter Meeting (typically in mid-February) in Bethesda, Md. Guidelines are as follows: 

  • Section Chairs and seconds must attend this meeting
  • At least one Chair and one second from each Section with Co-chairs must attend this meeting
Cross-sectional Groups:
  • The Chair of each Cross-sectional group must attend this meeting
  • The second of each Cross-sectional group may attend this meeting (Optional)

Important − AMPC members may not be employees of ACCME defined commercial interests. 


Voting (i.e. Regular, Sustaining and Life) members whose dues are paid by Feb. 16, 2024, are eligible to nominate or be nominated for the AMPC. Voting members may only nominate or be nominated within their own Section or Cross-sectional Group. Please review the criteria for section and group-specific eligibility requirements. Please note: if elected, you must be available to attend the spring AMPC meeting.

Those ineligible to nominate or be nominated include:

  • Section Trustees and AMPC Chairs
  • Non-voting members
  • Members whose payments are "delinquent," as defined by article 2.11 of the bylaws
  • Nonmembers of the nomination's section or cross sectional group

More eligibility details can be found in the Election FAQs

Submission of nominations

Before you proceed, make sure you have the following five items:

  1. Nomination Statement. 300 words or less - describing why the nominee's scientific contributions best qualify her/him for the role on the AMPC.

  2. Biographical Sketch. 500 words or less - describing the nominee's education, work experience, training and other relevant attributes that qualify her/him for the position.

  3. Disclosures. List of the nominee's commercial and financial interests.

  4. Headshot photo. JPEG format - suitable for online reproduction.

  5. Letter of:
  •   Endorsement. Self-nominations only - 100 words or less - from a voting member in your section endorsing the self-nomination;
  •   Consent. From the nominee confirming interest in running - not required for self-nominations.

AMPC, 25 seats

AP Section (1 Anatomy seat, 1 Pathology seat)

BI Section (1 seat)

CL Section (2 seats)

CO Section (2 Clinical scientist seats, 1 Basic scientist seat)

EY Section (1 seat)

GL Section (2 seats)

IM Section (1 Immunologist seat)

LE Section (1 seat)

PH Section (1 seat)

RC Section (2 seats)

RE Section (2 U.S. seats, 1 non-U.S. seat)

VI Section (1 seat)

VN Section (1 seat)

GEN Cross-sectional Group (1 seat)

LV Cross-sectional Group (1 seat)

MOI Cross-sectional Group (2 seats)

Please email any questions to