The ARVO Corporate Support Policy is designed to develop or improve activities and programs for the eye and vision community which is consistent with ARVO’s stated mission and Strategic Plan. The goal is to obtain financial support from industry, individuals and organizations for development of programs, products and services supporting the eye and vision research community.

Opportunities for corporate support include:

  • ARVO Annual Meeting and other ARVO sponsored or co-sponsored meetings
  • Meeting publications, both print and electronic
  • Websites
  • and other ARVO activities

with the following stipulations.

Definition of Corporate Support

A financial or in-kind contribution to ARVO or AFER (ARVO Foundation for Eye Research) with no prerequisite conditions, by any corporation or organization, either for-profit or not-for-profit, which provides support for specific ARVO activities or programs, including but not limited to education, research, advocacy, or awareness of ARVO’s stated mission.

Corporate Support Criteria

  • ARVO does not endorse any particular product, service or idea. Any corporate support statement, product or agreement implying an endorsement by ARVO will not be accepted.
  • Corporate support must be relevant to the ARVO membership and acceptance of a proposal is at the discretion of the Executive Vice President, Executive Director, and the Chief Meetings Officer, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer.
  • ARVO reserves the right to reject any corporate support deemed inappropriate to the mission of ARVO.
  • ARVO reserves the right-of-first-refusal to the previous year’s supporter of a product, service or in-kind service with an agreement deadline to be established at ARVO’s sole discretion. Support of any exclusive support product, such as the lanyard, tote-bag or Program Summary Book, for more than three consecutive years is not advisable. After three years the product should be opened to all interested participants.
  • When a corporate point system is established, considerations of offers by supporters for products, services, advertising and booth assignments will be considered based on accumulated points.
  • An agreement or reservation form for payment of appropriate fees and acceptance of appropriate terms and conditions must be signed by both parties.
  • Commercial support for educational programs and/or presentations for which CME credit is offered requires a letter of agreement between ARVO and the commercial supporter assuring compliance with current ACCME Standards for Commercial Support.
  • Appropriate recognition of corporate contributions will be determined at the sole discretion of ARVO and will not include reference to specific products. Reference to specific products is reserved for advertising opportunities.
  • ARVO accepts funds or royalties only if acceptance does not pose a conflict of interest and in no way impacts the objectivity of the Association, its members, officers or employees.
  • The ARVO name, insignia or logotype may not be used by any corporate supporter or exhibitor for any purpose unless permission is given in advance by ARVO. When seeking permission for use of ARVO’s logo a sample illustrating the proposed use must be submitted to the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer.
  • Corporate Supporters of ARVO are strongly encouraged to exhibit at the ARVO Annual Meeting and other ARVO meetings where exhibits are offered.
  • ARVO recognizes supporters’ needs to promote specific products. Product-specific logos are permitted on bus signage, meeting giveaways, signage, (either print or electronic), and other approved items, all of which are considered advertising opportunities.
  • Product logos may not be displayed on educational materials, educational hand outs, slides, name tags or in any materials or media for which CME credits are offered.
  • For items on which a product logo is acceptable, the ARVO logo will be included with the corporate logo and any product logo, unless the ARVO logo is already prominently displayed for that venue; for example, on bus wraps and at social events.
  • ARVO retains editorial rights and control over any information or product produced as part of any corporate support agreement. All intellectual property remains the sole property of ARVO unless the ARVO Board of Trustees has approved an agreement to the contrary. In every case, all materials, in all formats and media, prepared by the corporate supporter must be submitted to ARVO for written approval prior to release.
  • The ARVO Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend this policy without public notification.

Approved: ARVO Board of Trustees, June 22, 2006 
Revised and Approved: ARVO Board of Trustees, April 26, 2008 
Revised and Approved: ARVO Board of Trustees, November 6, 2008