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Increasing diversity: A geographic look at ARVO journal authors

ARVO is a truly international organization with a geographic diversity reflected in its journals. Over the past two years, ARVO journals have included authors from 97 countries. The graphs below show a steady increase in geographic diversity among journal authors in recent years. In 1997, less than 12 percent of IOVS articles had authors from outside of North America, but by 2017 that number increased to 40 percent with a particularly significant increase among authors from Asia in recent years. A similar trend is seen for JOV, with larger numbers coming from Europe. 

Geographic distribution of IOVS journal authors

Geographic distribution of JOV journal authors

It is especially encouraging to see that the recent acceleration in growth of ARVO’s newest journal, TVST, is being led by authors from Asia. Projections for 2018 based on year-to-date numbers suggest 118 percent growth in articles from Asia compared with the year before. It is important to note that the addition of five new editorial board members from China by the editor-in-chief in 2017 coincided with a fourfold increase in submissions from China that year compared with the previous year.

ARVO journal editors-in-chief are strongly supportive of this trend, appointing geographically diverse editorial boards and inviting review articles from the best researchers around the world, such as the recent examples in TVST by Finger et al (Germany) and Kaneko et al (Japan) and in IOVS by Issaho et al. (Brazil) and Van de Voorde et al. (Belgium).

Wherever you may be from, ARVO journals continue to be the place to read about the latest developments in eye research and to publish your best work.

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