Brazilian Chapter Affiliate



Brazilian Research Association for Vision and Ophthalmology (BRAVO)



Established in 2004, BRAVO has approximately 200 basic researchers and holds an Annual Meeting each year with approximately 2,000 attendees. Located in São Paulo, BRAVO is also one of nine scientific societies in Brazil that are part of the Federation of Experimental Biology Societies (FESBE). BRAVO became an International Chapter Affiliate on Oct. 21, 2006.

  • Bring together Brazilian individuals and legal entities interested in developing and increasing research in the area of vision and ophthalmology.
  • Contribute to the progress of visual science, including teaching and research in vision and ophthalmology, and diagnostic techniques and therapeutics.
  • Create new courses and research groups in vision and ophthalmology and related sciences.
  • Represent Brazilian researchers in ophthalmology and vision with national and international institutions, maintaining interchange, promoting symposia and other scientific events.
  • Collaborate in Brazil and abroad with educational institutes, universities, public institutions and private, in technological development programs in the areas of medicine, bioengineering, hospital engineering, basic research and clinical and care techniques.
  • Defend, protect and safeguard the collective interests of its members, directly or indirectly, judicially or extrajudicially.
  • Membership is open to individuals around the globe who are interested in eye and vision research in Brazil.
  • Dues: R$100,00 (regular members), R$50,00 (student members)
  • BRAVO President: Givago da Silva Souza, PhD
  • BRAVO Vice-President: Marcelo Fernandes Costa, PhD
  • BRAVO Secretary: Eliza Maria da Costa Brito Lacerda
  • BRAVO Treasurer/Administration: Leonardo Loureiro Henriques
  • BRAVO website:
  • BRAVO email: