Mexican Chapter Affiliate



México Colegio Nacional de Investigación en Ciencias Visuales (MARVO)


MARVO is an independent organization of ophthalmologists and vision researchers in Mexico. Its members focus on clinical and basic research, as well as clinical epidemiology. MARVO held its first ophthalmic research conference in 2011. MARVO became an international chapter affiliate on May 1, 2010.


To promote collaboration between Mexican ophthalmologists interested in basic, clinical or epidemiological research.

  • Membership is open to individuals around the globe who are interested in eye and vision research in Mexico.
  • Membership dues are $1,200 pesos (USD $25).
2023 – 2024 activities
  • Segment at XXVLL Congreso Mexicano de oftalmologia — June 2024
  • Segment at Congreso Mexicano Bienal en Oftalmología — June 2023
  • Bi-monthly virtual sessions - to access the sessions, please visit the MARVO website 
  • MARVO President: Manuel Alejandro Garza León
  • MARVO Vice-President: Manuel Ramírez Fernández, MD
  • MARVO Secretary: Roberto González Salinas
  • MARVO Treasurer: Jans Fromow Guerra, MSc, MD
  • MARVO Academic Coordinator: Paola de la Parra Colin
  • MARVO email: