Italian Chapter Affiliate




Italian Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (IT-ARVO)


Established in March 2011 in Catania, Italy, with the goal of promoting regional education programs and networking with other ARVO chapter affiliates. IT-ARVO became an international chapter affiliate in April 2011.


To foster communication between eye researchers and to promote vision science in Italy.


Membership is open to individuals around the globe who are interested in eye and vision research in Italy. There are no membership dues to join.

2024 update
  • The grant funding was used for a travel grant recipient to attend the 2024 ARVO Annual Meeting and to organize seminars regarding medicine, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical topics.
  • IT-ARVO President: Filippo Drago, MD, PhD, FARVO
  • IT-ARVO Vice-President: Teresio Avitabile
  • IT-ARVO Treasurer/Secretary: Claudio Bucolo, PhD