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Learn more about the ARVO Fellows program

The title of ARVO Fellow (FARVO designation) is an honor established to recognize current ARVO members for their individual accomplishments, leadership and contributions to the Association. As important as it is to recognize scientific contribution to ARVO (via our extensive awards program), the Fellows program is an opportunity to recognize volunteerism and service to the organization. If you have wondered how to become a fellow, here is some important information about the program.

How can someone become eligible to become an ARVO fellow?

Eligibility for the Fellow designation is determined by a point system where gaining 50 points will induct you into the Silver level and 60 points will induct you into the Gold level. There are a range of activities that ARVO members can participate in to gain Fellow points including but not limited to

• Annual Meeting participation,
• ARVO committee service and
• Journal reviews.

Learn more about the various activities to earn Fellow points.

What roles do Fellows serve within ARVO?

ARVO Fellows serve as role models and mentors for individuals pursuing careers in vision and ophthalmology research and help further ARVO's vision. These members have committed to serving the organization by advancing basic and clinical knowledge and serving as the leading international forum for vision research and a primary advocate for vision science worldwide.

How can I track my Fellow points?

ARVO members can track points in their member accounts. After logging into the ARVO website, you can access your points by selecting the ‘My Fellows Activities’ option. If your point totals do not reflect your records, please fill out this form. Fellows points are updated annually each fall and are calculated from service between May of the previous year to May of the current year. See a list of ARVO Fellows on ARVO’s website.

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