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AIVO members visit LSU Health's Neuroscience Center of Excellence


AIVO membersLast April, members of Asociación de Investigación en Visión y Oftalmologia (AIVO) attending the 2023 ARVO Annual Meeting in New Orleans were invited to visit the Neuroscience Center of Excellence at the Louisiana State University (LSU) Health New Orleans School of Medicine. Investigators, doctoral and postdoctoral fellows from different regions of Argentina were able to share their research goals and future projects with their hosts — Center director Nicolas Bazan, MD, PhD, FARVO and Professor Haydee Bazan, PhD, FARVO — as well as members of their labs.


After visiting the laboratories, AIVO Secretary Melina Mateos, PhD (INIBIBB-UNS-CONICET) presented a seminar on her work in the neuroscience series at LSU Health New Orleans. This was followed by the Dean’s Award Lecture presented by Miriam Kolko, MD, PhD (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) and the Chancellor’s Award Lecture by Steven J. Fliesler, PhD, FARVO (University at Buffalo, NY, USA).


Nicolas Bazan, Melina Mateos and Maria Cecilia SanchezN. Bazan presented Mateos with a recognition for her contribution to the understanding of cell signaling in the retina. AIVO President María Cecilia Sánchez, PhD (DBC-CIBICI (CONICET), FCQ, UNC) was also recognized for her outstanding academic leadership of AIVO and her scientific contribution to visual science. At the end of the visit, Sánchez presented Bazan with gifts on behalf of AIVO in gratitude for his support and commitment to the Association.

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